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Jewelry service guarantee


Your jewelry comes with a one year guarantee that covers metal refinishing and accent gemstones.

Scratches and dings

Your jewelry should be worn and enjoyed. Keep it clean and its dazzling sparkle will excite and surprise you for many years. Over time, however, the metal can show signs of wear. Tiny scratches and dents can build up due to casual contact with desks, file cabinets, door jams, etc. 

During your one year guarantee you are welcome to return the item to us. We will refinish, clean and bring the item to a high polish, and send it back to you with complimentary free shipping on the return.

With some rings, such as those with a pave’ shank, it is conceivable that some peoples' normal wear habits could even cause tiny diamonds to be lost. If this should happen we will replace those free of charge during the one year service guarantee. 

In addition to relieving concerns about maintenance for that first year, you might plan on taking advantage of this guarantee to have your jewelry refinished and cleaned here just prior to a wedding or other special occasion.


  • This guarantee applies to manufacturing defects or damage caused by normal wear
  • This guarantee does not apply to stress or trauma beyond normal wear, nor does it cover damage caused when the item was not being worn
  • This guarantee does not apply to the center diamond or any side diamonds large enough to come with an AGS grading report, nor does it apply to colored gemstones
  • To protect against catastrophic damage, loss and theft, and to protect your graded diamonds and colored stones please have the item insured separately; either with your homeowner’s insurance or jewelry-specific insurer. We provide advice on that topic here.

One free ring resizing

Before we delivery your order we'll assist in predicting the correct ring size for the jewelry recipient. We even have a set of plastic disposable ring-sizers we can send you to make a solid decision.

However, we understand that things happen.  Although best efforts were made to get or guess the correct size, sometimes the ring just does not properly fit.  High Performance Diamonds will happily provide one free ring sizing if that happens. 

Be advised

Some rings do not allow this: Pave shanks, full eternity rings and some other rings have either very limited or non-existent sizing options.  These often have to be remade to be done correctly.  High Performance Diamonds will make every effort to keep the cost of any such re-sizings to a minimum and we will discuss the options with you in advance.

Generational security

Life happens. Just like driving your car, wearing your jewelry exposes it to potential accidents. Hands get slammed in doors. Big bangs and bruises can cause damage. Trips, falls and stumbles occur. For repairs or services needed for trauma beyond normal wear, or after your one year Jewelry Service Guarantee is over, we continue to offer premium quality service at affordable rates.

How it works

Contact us at any time. We will confirm details and answer any questions you have. When you are ready to ship we will send you an insured label, per our Secure Return Shipping Process, and follow the steps below.

  • Our workshop will inspect your jewelry on receipt
  • If you’re taking advantage of your complimentary refinish (within one year) we will restore and return it via complimentary shipping
  • If you are sending for repair following your one year period, or damage is discovered that is not attributable to manufacturing issues and is due to trauma beyond normal wear, we will contact you to discuss exactly what needs to be done and provide a cost analysis

When you are ready to send your jewelry, use the easy steps outlined in our return shipping process, linked below.

Secure return shipping

Our mission

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