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Diamonds with more fire. more sparkle. more life!

breathtaking beauty


Infinity Diamonds are scientifically planned and precision-cut to look bigger and sparkle more.

How does it work?

Cutting a diamond to GIA Excellent or AGS Ideal is easy: This can be done on any factory assembly line.

Crafted by Infinity's goals exceed those rudimentary goals: Neither GIA or AGS measure dispersion (seen by our eyes as fire) or scintillation (seen as sparkle). They only evaluate the basic components of brightness and darkness in diamonds.

From the day Infinity was founded Paul Slegers has focused on visual results which are yet unmeasured and ungraded by diamond laboratories: Bigger fire, sharper scintillation and superior life through all lighting conditions.

Focused crafting goals

  1. By concentrating on all 57 facets' critical angles (not group-averages as the labs measure) every Crafted by Infinity displays robust edge to edge brightness, causing them to look bigger and face-up whiter than other diamonds of the same spread and color.
  2. By fine-tuning all of the internal mirrors in three-dimensions (not measured by the labs) larger internal reflections are created, widening disperion, sharpening contrast and intensifying scintillation.
  3. It takes proprietary planning, more time, more expense of material, and greater skill to achieve Infinity's focused crafting goals. The costs are higher. But the results are undeniable:

Better brightness

Edge to edge brightness makes Crafted by Infinity diamonds appear larger than others of the same weight, and face-up whiter than others of the same color.


More fire

By precisely aligning the compound mirrors, internal reflections remain unbroken, producing wider rainbow fans the eyes see as Bigger, Bolder Bursts of Fire. 


More sparkle

Crisp optical precision creates sharper contrast in motion, with more scintillation intensity and more vivid flashes, seen as superior sparkle..


More life!

Better brightness, bigger, bolder bursts of fire, and superior sparkle bring more life to diamonds Crafted by Infinity.


The cost

Superior rough crystal selection, scientific planning, precision-cutting and flawless quality control logically create a higher cost basis. But Crafted by Infinity Diamonds are marketed organically to save expense. Amazingly, the price for these breathtaking diamonds is less then Tiffany, Cartier, Hearts On Fire and others, even with superior performance and focused crafting goals shared by no other company.

Scientific Realities

The better brightness, fire, sparkle and life of Crafted by Infinity are scientific realities. You can read more about the science here.

From our hands to yours

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