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We'll help your Crafted by Infinity Diamond sing to the sky

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Our high performance workshop has over a century of collective experience designing, producing, polishing and setting heirloom quality jewelry; designed for generational security. 

Do you need a simple solitaire?  

No problem. We know all of them, from timeless Tiffany-style classics to modern evolutions. But that’s not all. Do you want your prongs shaped, sharpened or modified? Our high performance workshop offers a range of detailed treatments beyond the basics, even for solitaires.

Did you see something you liked elsewhere?

Our specialists have encyclopedic knowledge of every setting style and practically every item produced. From traditional classics to current trends to high fashion and beyond, we’ve seen it. Contact us with what inspires you and we can find your perfect fit.

Do you have a custom vision or a crazy idea?

We love crazy ideas! We love practical ideas! And we love the idea of bringing your Custom Conception to life.

Personal note

From Founder Wink Jones

Few experiences are as satisfying as precisely setting a magnificent Crafted by Infinity Diamond into a client's beautiful Custom Conceived setting. I am so honored to be trusted with bringing your personal diamond and setting dreams to life. I am so excited to join these visionary diamonds with the visionary designs of my clients. It's why I love what I do.

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